How to Make Your Hotel Feel More Luxurious?

How to Make Your Hotel Feel More Luxurious?

Many details make a five-star hotel seem luxurious. Thankfully, you can recreate the same look in your own home and hotel fit out companies in Dubai can help you incredible to achieve your desired goals. These small touches can make your guests feel special and pampered. A water carafe on the bedside table, new magazines and soaps in the closet, and a sound machine are all great ways to make your room look and feel like a luxury hotel.

Keep the curtains light and airy:

Keeping the curtains light and airy it easy to achieve the look. To get the same effect, layer your sheer curtains with blackout shades to achieve the look. Be sure to avoid heavy fabrics, as they can feel oppressive. The last thing you want is to create a hotel-like atmosphere in your home. You can even add a luxurious touch to your bed by stacking a few cushions.

Use local art on the walls:

Try to find inexpensive works of art from local artists, and swap them for cross-promotion in the hotel. Or, go old-school and pick up some vintage pieces and eclectic paintings for your walls. You’ll be amazed by the difference a few small changes can make. If you have the time, you can spend a little extra to make the most impactful changes.

Keep the room suffused with personal touches:

This doesn’t mean that you have to put up massive art pieces to do so. Just a framed family portrait on the dresser, some books on the nightstand, and a plush throw on the chair back will do wonders for the overall feel of your bedroom. If you want to make your hotel feel luxurious, your guest will thank you for it.

Use a variety of textures and colors:

Choose a color palette that complements the other decor in the room. A dark wood floor is a great idea for a hotel’s reception area. Another option is to add an oversized mirror to the front door. A large picture on the wall will help make the room appear more spacious and luxurious. In addition to the framed photo, you can also incorporate local art and vintage pieces into the walls.

When you’re ready to make your hotel look more luxurious, it’s time to consider your window treatments. Ideally, your window treatments should replicate the formula that makes your favorite hotel so comfortable. It would help if you used lightweight, sheer curtains and blackout shades for maximum light filtering and privacy.